Life LeGeros, Professional Development Coordinator

Life Legeros, Tarrant Institute for Innovative EducationLife has worked in various roles in K-12 education, including classroom teacher, assistant principal, math department head, state agency administrator, and school board teacher representative. As a middle and high school math teacher, he sought to help his students become socially conscious quantitative thinkers. Life served as the Director of Statewide Mathematics Initiatives at the Massachusetts Department of Education for eight years, where he led a dedicated team that amplified and advocated for the innovative work of urban math educators. He somehow managed to earn a doctorate while welcoming two daughters into the world, transitioning to a middle school Math Department Head job, and refining his pickup soccer playing skills.

Life’s dissertation examined the association between teacher knowledge and student growth. In the future he hopes to investigate the instructional and policy ramifications of technology integration and proficiency based learning. He believes in leading by listening, authentic collaboration, student empowerment, and challenging the status quo.

Although Life fully realizes that he will forever be considered a flatlander, not least because of his Midwestern roots, he is excited to immerse himself in the Vermont outdoors and the communities in which he lives and works.

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