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The Learning Lab Network aims to connect, inspire, and court a growing community of Vermont educators and students who are ready and willing to do what it takes to make school more meaningful for students and their teachers.

We believe we are wisest when we work with others toward a common purpose, so this experience requires participants to be:

  • Committed to getting personalized learning right;
  • Growth minded, ready to open their practice to the feedback of students, colleagues, and experts in the field;
  • Reflective and focused on improving learning through innovation and collaboration;
  • Research-based practitioners who access and use findings that both support and challenge their thinking;
  • Teacher researchers who collaborate with students to conduct and publish classroom-based research;
  • Willing to work with new technologies that can increase a sense of coherence and connectedness for more learners.

Additionally, participants come from schools with a demonstrated commitment to:

  • Creating the conditions–culturally and structurally–that empower educators, students, and communities to become increasingly student-centered and flexible (Act 77) within a proficiency-based system (Education Quality Standards);
  • Collaborating within and across schools and communities in ways that accelerate the pace of teacher and student learning;
  • Prioritizing the assessment and demonstration of transferable skills;
  • Partnering with students so they can show and tell how to make learning work better.

To learn more about the process and products involved, check out our Welcome to the Learning Lab site.

Each Learning Lab participant is opening up his or her classroom for visits. Along with their students, they welcome observations and dialogue about their current explorations into making learning more personalized and student-centered. View their profiles, read about their progress, and SCHEDULE A VISIT HERE.

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