Getting personal about systemic equity in Vermont education

Systems-based self work Sometimes pursuing equity in education can feel a little like the carrot vs. the stick. Since No

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#vted Reads: Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty

With Ally Oswald In this episode of #vted Reads, I return to my old stomping grounds at Green Mountain Union

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#vted Reads: We Got This, with Kathleen Brinegar

Cornelius Minor likes to ask himself three key questions. One: what are his students trying to tell him? Two: What

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#vted Reads: The Benefits of Being an Octopus

This one goes deep, folks. On this episode educator Corey Smith joins me to talk about The Benefits of Being

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#vted Reads: Troublemakers with Mike Martin

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we’re

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk with South Burlington curriculum coordinator Mike Martin,about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we're really doing when we ask our students to code-switch, Black Lives Matter, and the trouble with classroom norms, and we pose the question: 'How do school systems bestow unearned privilege on some, and un-earned hardship, on others?' Oh, and we talk about Harry Potter. Naturally. Read more

21st Century Classroom

The 21st Century Classroom is a podcast with and about innovative education in Vermont. We aim to showcase young Vermonters

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What is Learning Lab?

  Welcome to Learning Lab VT Vermont’s schools are home to some of the most innovative, passionate and skilled educators

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All about makerspaces Makerspaces! What are they, why are they useful, who are they for, and how do they work?

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Submission Guidelines

We’re always looking for educators who want to share inspiring stories from their classrooms. Let us help you amplify your

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