Working in Community to Make Community-Centered Education Work in Windsor

The Community Team at Windsor High School, in Windsor VT presents on how they believe their Portrait of a Graduate expectations can be supported by engaging in the Vermont Mural Project. Their whole school will explore the essential questions of “Who are we?” and “Who do we want to become?”

Presenters: Keighan Eaker, Christie Keeney

Facilitators: Susan Hennessey, Life LeGeros, Paul Gambill, and Eric Booth.

This workshop was an initiative of the Vermont Community Learning Network (VCLN) & co-presented by the Community Engagement Lab & the UVM Tarrant Institute, with underwriting from National Endowment for the Arts.



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The Vermont Community Learning Network (VCLN) is bringing together community teams for a series of three workshops to share their current progress on the VT Mural Project and explore how this creative community-engaged project acts as a catalyst for system change. The next workshop in the series will take place Thursday, May 27 at 4pm EST, and feature educators from Hazen Union School, in Hardwick VT. They’ll grapple with similar questions around how the VT Mural Project could help them kick off the coming school year.

Registration now open.


Photo credit of students at Windsor Union High School painting their mural: Juniper Creative Arts.

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