Emily Hoyler, Professional Development Coordinator

Emily Hoyler, UVM Tarrant Institute

Emily Hoyler joined the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education as a Professional Development Coordinator after nearly two decades working as an educator, including five years as a 6th grade teacher, and three years as the Curriculum Specialist at Shelburne Farms.

While at Shelburne Farms, Emily co-wrote Cultivating Joy & Wonder, an early childhood curriculum guide to educating for sustainability.

Emily’s current interests include designing concept-based interdisciplinary curriculum, mindfulness in the classroom, and creating rejuvenating professional development experiences for fellow educators. Emily is a national certified facilitator for The Origins Program’s Developmental Designs workshops, and served as a Visiting Lecturer in Education Studies at Middlebury College where she taught community-connected courses on elementary methods and Education for Sustainability.

Emily lives at the top of a mountain in Ripton, Vermont, with her husband and many Wild Things, including three children, three chickens, a dog, a cat, and various other untamed critters.

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