Genius Hour

Genius Hour

Genius Hour

Genius Hour refers to open-ended, student-driven projects during a pre-deterrmined time. Students pick a topic and decide how they will exhibit their learning. During the research phase students often connect with mentors within the school or in the community. (Genius Hour is also called Passion Projects or 20% time.)

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Many schools in Vermont are doing some version of Genius Hour.

“Brainado” at Crossett Brook

At Crossett Brook Middle School (CBMS), in Duxbury VT, Genius Hour is known as “Brainado”.

What are the results?

Here are three examples of student projects from Crossett Brook.

Passion Projects at Flood Brook

Down in Londonderry, VT, students at Flood Brook Union School pursued Passion Projects. They chose a topic, did the research, and decided to throw an exhibition for their community, showcasing the projects.


Self-directed learning spreads across Vermont

This idea of giving students the ability to choose, execute and share projects with personal relevance has spread across Vermont. Shelburne Community School and Charlotte Community School refer to them as “PIPs” (Personal Interest Projects).


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