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Genius Hour

Genius Hour

Genius Hour

Genius Hour refers to open-ended student-driven projects during a set aside time. Students decide their topic and how they will exhibit their learning. During the research phase students often connect with mentors within the school or in the community. (Genius Hour is also called Passion Projects or 20% time.)

To get started, check out one or more of:

Many schools in Vermont are doing some version of Genius Hour. One of the most well documented versions was developed by Crossett Brook Middle School (CBMS) in Duxbury and goes by the name Brainado.

What are the results?

Here are three examples of student projects.

Want to hear more from students?

Check out the video below to hear responses to the question, “How has Brainado changed the way you think about school?”

The Brainado resources can also be found on this padlet. If you are interested in more resources and perspectives, check out this comprehensive Genius Hour livebinder created by Joy Kirr.

If you are interested in research that supports Genius Hour, please see this blog post by A.J. Juliani.

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