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Rachel Mark, Professional Development Coordinator

Rachel Mark, Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Rachel Mark is a Professional Development Coordinator in the southern part of Vermont. Prior to working with the Tarrant Institute, Rachel was a middle school literacy and social studies teacher at Tarrant partner school Manchester Elementary-Middle. As a teacher, Rachel loved exploring new content and new methods with inquisitive young adolescents. She thinks middle schools are the most dynamic learning centers in the state. Rachel is passionate about supporting teachers and helping them overcome obstacles; it’s her mission to break down the barriers that teachers face in implementing change. She is interested in student reflection and portfolio based assessment, inquiry and project-based learning

When she’s not reading, researching and supporting teachers, Rachel loves
to play. She balances her life shuttling three busy kids around by getting
sweaty and zen – yoga, exercise, and being outdoors are how she recharges
her metaphorical batteries.

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