Proficiency-Based Education

Why? Because we believe:

  • All students can learn.
  • The purpose of assessment is to determine the next steps for learning.
  • The goal of education is not to sort and rank learners, rather to help ALL learners grow towards their potential.
  • Students are partners in creating meaningful and relevant learning experiences and environments; their voice and choice is essential. 
  • School cultures support proficiency by fostering relationships, providing opportunities for collaborative learning, utilizing innovative technology, creating out of school learning opportunities, and communicating high expectations for all. 

What? Key components of proficency for personalized learning:

Proficiency Based Education: Learning Goals, Meaningful Instruction, Formative and Summative Assessment

How? Meaningful change necessitates:

  • System-wide implementation that is cohesive, clear, transparent, and supported by professional learning opportunities.
  • Ongoing communication with families and community members.  
  • Implementation requires iteration and revision over time. 


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