Ch 4: Starting with the Learner Profile

The beginning of each school year gives us a chance to build new relationships. A learner profile conveys who our students are. We’ve already explored identity activities like This I Believe; how might we discover other aspects of students’ lives?

Here are a few ways to get to know your learners. Be sure to offer students the choice to participate at a level that feels safe for them. No one should be forced to include details about their families, identities, or experiences that they don’t want to share. As the year moves along, and the community strengthens, circle back and see what students might want to share, or how things might have changed.

Food for thought

The book is rich with examples! But it’s also nice to see them in full color and web format, so here are a few we love:

Now tell us

  • How do your learners show you who they are?

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Learning with the learner profile

Why start with the learner profile?
Question #2: What are some ways students can share parts of their identities and interests?
Learning with the learner profile
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Let’s go

Next, we review a few engaging pedagogies that help our students explore flexible pathways.