student-led conferences in Vermont

Student-led conferences

A student-led conference (or SLC) can be a magical opportunity for teachers to engage deeply with a student and their family. It typically involves a middle schooler gathering some evidence of their learning, strengths and challenges, and possibly their goals and aspirations. They assemble that evidence along with reflections into some format; many use a slideshow or PLP, but there are many possible ways – even papers in a binder or journal! Then, the teacher helps facilitate a conversation and sharing process between student, family, and teacher. Many factors help determine its success. Here are some of our favorite resources to help you.

Why Student-Led Conferences are Important

How to Prepare Families for SLCs

Examples of Student-Led Conference Implementation

What does a student-led conference look like in action?

Emmett, Lamoille Union Middle School, Hyde Park VT


Emmett reflects on his student-led conference



Alina, Brattleboro Area Middle School, Brattleboro VT




And what do educators think of student-led conferences?

Katie Bryant, Lamoille Union Middle School



Joe Rivers, Brattleboro Area Middle School


Lori Morse, Crossett Brook Middle School



What do student-led conferences look like at your school? What could they look like?

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