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Welcome to Learning Lab VT

Vermont’s schools are home to some of the most innovative, passionate and skilled educators in the nation. And they’ve teamed up with the Tarrant Institute to open their classrooms to the world. Welcome to Learning Lab VT.

How it works

20 educators across 11 different Vermont schools are getting ready to open their doors — literally.

They’re setting aside time in their classes for visitors just like you to see how they make tech-rich, student-centered innovative school change a reality. They attempt to answer this question: “What does effective personalization look like in Vermont schools?”

Starting in a few months time, you’ll be able to book a time to come visit their classes and talk with their students. Because it’s one thing to read about change in action and a whole other thing to experience it for yourself.

Who’s on board

Renowned educator and changemaker Susan Hennessey and education consultant Bill Rich are guiding this year’s cohort of teachers through prepping their classes, organizing their thinking and sharing artifacts to help visitors understand how they do what they do so well. Hover over the stars in the map below to meet them and see each educator’s driving question.

Why schedule a visit?

This network of learning labs will show and tell what it looks like as teachers and their students co-create the kinds of learning experiences that make the challenging journey so worthwhile.

Watch this space. Online reservations beginning November 2018.

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