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What students want you to know about school

The art of listening We are big believers in including student voice in our storytelling. Usually we ask students to talk about a specific project or...

Student-led conferences come to Leland & Gray

Change is hard! And changing a school procedure that has been the same forever is even harder! Leland and Gray Middle School teachers started...

Unpacking equity in Passion Projects and Genius Hours

The Benefits of Being an Octopus Equity in education has — and needs — many lenses. The work is hard, the work is myriad, the work is...

How to make meetings more effective

Good meetings can be hard to find We’ve all been there: staff meetings that could have been an email or team meetings spent admiring problems...

Stowe students lead school change

How student-adult partnerships can scaffold student leadership “Did you know that the same areas in the brain light up when a person is curious as...

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