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The shifting role of the teacher in a blended learning classroom

Adding playlists into the mix We often hear about the need to move from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side in student-centered...

17 ways to communicate with students’ families

BINGO. Communication with student’s families outside of student led conferences (SLC) is vital. Giving parents the information they need in...

Parenting a student-run business

There’s learning in the lemonade stand What might be your child’s first experience with business? That’s right: the lemonade stand. I...

Setting behavioral expectations in a makerspace

  2 ways to bring in transferable skills Makerspaces are amazing. They’re a big carnival of lights and sounds and glue and lasers, arduinos...

Building a chicken coop at The Dorset School

  How do you get fresh eggs on a school menu? Students at The Dorset School, in Dorset VT, did it by researching, designing and building their...

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