Scott Thompson, Professional Development Coordinator

Scott Thompson, Tarrant Institute for Innovative EducationBefore joining the Tarrant Institute team, Scott was a middle school math and science teacher, Assistant Principal and most recently Principal. Scott has helped guide Milton High School to being one of the leading schools in the state for 1;1 initiatives, NECAP and AP scores. Scott believes the use of technology in the class room for integrative learning no only enhances the experience and learning quality for the students, but allows teachers to have access to the tools necessary for broadening educational experiences for all students of all abilities.

Scott originally worked with the Tarrant Institute in helping to create the iLeap program. With strong backgrounds in both teaching and administration, Scott understands the barriers teachers can face in the classroom along with benefits of individualizing the leading process.

When Scott is not team-building, working on outreach and networking, he is busy at home with his family and friends or throwing toys off the deck for his chocolate lab, Maple. Scott spends time skiing and mountain biking with his family and when the rivers are running, white water kayaking with his friends here and in Canada.

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