Family communication

Family communication Dialoguing with families about crucial issues such as student progress, appropriate use of technology, socio-emotional growth, and school change initiatives. Start with these 17 ways to communicate with…

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#vted Reads: Troublemakers with Mike Martin

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk with South Burlington curriculum coordinator Mike Martin,about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we're really doing when we ask our students to code-switch, Black Lives Matter, and the trouble with classroom norms, and we pose the question: 'How do school systems bestow unearned privilege on some, and un-earned hardship, on others?' Oh, and we talk about Harry Potter. Naturally.

…me to choose. I loved my family, I was well loved but I had to always choose. I always felt like I was betraying my family when I chose school…

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…Action Research Digital Citizenship Family & Community Involvement Family Communication Flexible Classrooms Passion Projects Identity Negotiated Curriculum Project-Based Learning (PBL) Reflection Scheduling Student-Led Conferences Service Learning Student Voice What are…

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