Meet Learning Lab VT 2019!

Now that you understand the why of proficiency-based and personalized learning, are you ready to see the how? Learning Lab VT throws open the doors of classrooms around Vermont, so you and other educators like you can see personalized learning in action, up close and personal. Your hosts are educators just like you, who, along with their students, are willing to model how they’re trying to get personalized learning right. And visits for the 2019-2020 season are now open!

Why schedule a visit?

Because this network of learning labs demonstrates what it looks like as teachers and their students co-create the kinds of learning experiences that make the challenging journey toward personalized learning so worthwhile. Come take a look! Seeing — and chatting and doing — really is believing.

Now, it’s about YOU. We want you to become part of Learning Lab VT. And here’s how.

Right now, we have 11 educators at six schools around Vermont who’ve committed to spending the year working on personalization with their students.


How does Learning Lab VT work again?

Learning Lab VT is a year-long, credit-bearing practicum that provides Vermont educators the support they need to partner with their students and each other to conduct and publish research that answers the questions:

  • What is personalization?
  • What, exactly, are teachers and students doing in settings that are becoming increasingly personalized?
  • And what are the best ways to develop systemic capacity to get personalization right?

We know learning requires mistakes, but learning SO MUCH alone can be dispiriting. Together we deliberately cultivate a fun, open, and trusting community. A commitment: crowdsourcing our growing network’s success and struggles, what we call our bright spots and our belly flops.

Learning Lab VT inspires Vermont educators to work together, pursuing the promise of Act 77 together rather than in isolation. Participants in Learning Lab VT 2019 experience the very kind of learning community that they’re being asked to create with their students, one that is both personalized and proficiency-based.

So go! Seize the classroom

And those educators want to show you what they’re up to. Face-to-face, and in person. We invite you to spend some time getting to know these remarkable Vermont educators, through their inquiry questions. Through their reflection videos and blogposts. Look at the places their work overlaps with — or inspires — yours. Then book a visit to their classroom.

For real. We want you to get up, leave your classroom and your school, and treat yourself to a glimpse beyond your school walls. GO. Go see how other educators are tackling personalization. Six different schools, 11 educators to choose from.

Moving forward

We’re super excited for the work ahead. We’re finding our stride — though we’ve been reminded just how hard it is to teach well. And, inspiration continues to flow via the courageous educators with whom we work. Educators who graciously open their classrooms to the world and, along with their students, who continue to share their stories in ways that remind us that all of us do better in places where we belong and contribute.

If you’d like to learn more about Learning Lab VT 2019, the hands-down best way forward is to go visit some Learning Lab sites. Want to get involved? Check out more about how the network works and consider being a part of Learning Lab VT cohort 2020-2021.

So. Where do you want to visit first?

Susan Hennessey

Susan Hennessey is a reformed librarian and current professional development coordinator with a particular interest in digital credentials and scavenger hunts. She's addicted to flavored almonds, salty, crunchy snacks, and Google Hangouts.

One thought on “Meet Learning Lab VT 2019!

  • November 7, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    A hale and hearty WELCOME and THANK YOU to this amazing group of educators and their students, going out of their way to open their classrooms and take their time to welcome visitors. We cannot wait to hear more!


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