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17 ways to communicate with students’ families

BINGO. Communication with student’s families outside of student led conferences (SLC) is vital. Giving parents the information they need in...

Parenting a student-run business

There’s learning in the lemonade stand What might be your child’s first experience with business? That’s right: the lemonade stand. I...

Setting behavioral expectations in a makerspace

  2 ways to bring in transferable skills Makerspaces are amazing. They’re a big carnival of lights and sounds and glue and lasers, arduinos...

Building a chicken coop at The Dorset School

  How do you get fresh eggs on a school menu? Students at The Dorset School, in Dorset VT, did it by researching, designing and building their...

“The Culture Code”, with Bill Rich

Why do certain groups add up to be greater than the sum of their parts? In this episode of our podcast, we kick off our fourth season with legendary...

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