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#vted Reads: Place-Based Curriculum Design

This episode is all. About. QUESTIONS.

Why are we here? Who was here before us? What kinds of stories do we tell about the world around us? And: how can we change from seeing the world as something to be studied, to something that can be acted upon …and changed.

First-year educator Thierry Uwilingiyamana  — now in his second year at Winooski Middle-High School — joins me on the show to talk about Place-Based Curriculum Design: Exceeding Standards Through Local Investigations. The author, Amy Demarest, is herself a longtime Vermont educator who has touched both my guest and I deeply.

(We’re big fans!)

Plus: why you absolutely need to spin Google Earth with your students. Just once. Their reactions may surprise and delight you.

I’m Jeanie Phillips, this is #vted Reads: books for educators, by educators and with educators.

Let’s chat.

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