Why and how to teach education for sustainability

Teaching to heal the world

place-based learning“How can we improve the systems we’re a part of?”

That’s the question my team posed to our 4th- through¬†6th-grade students last spring at The Cornwall School, in Cornwall VT. It was the start of a deep dive into education for sustainability.

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How to tell your PBL story

Cornwall students think global, build local, share both

real world project-based learningLast year the most amazing thing happened: my students at the Cornwall School designed and built a playground. They dreamed, planned, proposed, revised, fundraised — deep breath — organized, built and managed.

But then they taught themselves how to share their story: with social media, and with a whole world of educators, so that other students might have the same experience.

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What we’re reading: 3 online games that teach sustainability

3 online games that teach sustainabilityAre you looking for a more video game style approach to teaching sustainability?

I remember fondly the days of playing Oregon Trail in my middle school computer class. The game exposed players to the harsh realities of pioneer life, while also teaching us about resource management and the correlation of compiled risky decisions. Check out some (much) newer games that teach sustainability.

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