How to tell your PBL story

Cornwall students think global, build local, share both

real world project-based learningLast year the most amazing thing happened: my students at the Cornwall School designed and built a playground. They dreamed, planned, proposed, revised, fundraised — deep breath — organized, built and managed.

But then they taught themselves how to share their story: with social media, and with a whole world of educators, so that other students might have the same experience.

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Helping your teen or tween with social media

To follow or not to follow… that is the question.

family communication around education, social media and digital citizenshipOh Hamlet, you would be so perplexed on this one!

I’m sometimes asked this question as the mother of an Instagram-using 12 year old myself. Parents of young adults often are conflicted about making this choice – at least, if your child is connected to social media – and likely, he or she is.

If your child does interact with others on social media platforms, how should you guide, monitor and support their presence on social media?

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Leonardo da Vinci’s Smartphone

History from the Inside Out

how does professional development affect technology integration?Every two years our team does an interdisciplinary unit on the European Renaissance. I’m a big believer in learning history from the inside out, by asking students to really look at individual people. I also wanted to do something that connected things that kids were interested in to this time period. To get them to really feel as if they were some of these people, it just made sense to connect modern technology using the smartphone, since many of them are on their smartphones a lot of the time anyway.

So what would happen if you found Leonardo DaVinci’s smartphone?

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Common sense advice for tween social media use


Apparently, asking friends to follow HennesseyGirlsMom on Instagram would be social suicide.

Susan Hennessey, Professional Development Coordinator

My 12-year-old twins are counting the days to their 13th birthday in April, anticipating with much more urgency than past years their special day, all so they can finally triumph over the tyrant of online limitations…the dreaded Under 13 Terms of Service rule.

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How many students are on social media?

“It is time that educators recognize and capitalize on the social nature of their students because their virtual interactions stretch well beyond their standard school day. Therefore, by integrating assignments and homework into social media platforms, students’ motivation, their time spent completing school assignments, and their grades will increase.”


Via interactyx and Jonathan Flegg, the answer according to the infographic below is A WHOLE LOT OF THEM. So what does that mean for educators and classrooms?