keep saying their names

Keep saying their names.

This has been a tough few weeks.

Even in relative terms to 2020, it was “a week.”

Our sense of social justice has been tested and pummeled by, yet again, disappointing news. Last week, the notorious fighter for justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. Leaving millions of us grieving for her person and for her heroic deeds for justice in our country.

And then last Wednesday, there was no justice for Breonna Taylor.

And our country continued to mourn, grieve and grapple with justice and equity. Our heads are baffled, and our hearts are broken. We are sad, and we are angry.

And here’s the thing:

Teachers, the work that you do in your classrooms is more important than ever.  Because teaching about social justice belongs in our schools and classrooms. You are doing that work. We see you, and we thank you, and we stand with you. It is hard work, and it is needed now.

We know that when when the world is difficult, you lean in. As you always have!  As this work begins in some schools and continues in others we can expect it to be difficult. And so, yet again, we ask you to lean in. We can expect pushback. What gives us the strength and courage to push forward? We ask you to ponder this for yourself.

Students are capable of doing hard things. They want to have these conversation and are able to engage in complex things. We ask that you share resources when you can and invite folks into the conversation. If you would like some help, let us know.

We reaffirm our commitment to Black Lives Matter. We strongly believe that teaching about social justice belongs in the classroom.

Thank you for all you do. Keep empowering our students to change the world.

What do you think?