Pushing my thinking with summer reading

Science Saturday, with Tarrant Institute research fellow Mark OlofsonWith July comes the “Dog Days” of summer – named due to their association with Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius is the (second) brightest star in the sky, and Voyager 2 will get within 5 light years of it as long as nothing bad happens for the next 296,000 years. Anyway, centuries ago, Sirius would rise with the sun during July and August, thus associating these hot days with canines. Fun facts to share!

That’s about all the science in this post…

I hope that readers of this blog are able to find some time to relax over summer. I often will take this time to read things that may push my way of thinking about education. Then I have time to reflect, respond, and construct my own opinions. In that spirit, I present some things I’ll be reading this summer:

Education reformers have it all wrong
The myth of Chinese super schools
The anarchic experimental schools of the 1970s
Deschooling Society
How the Maker Movement is transforming education

We’ll see you back here in August. I look forward to highlighting the great work that teachers and students are doing in STEM-related fields then.

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