Self-care for educators

4 ways to stay well and focused heading into the holidays

@ThisIsVTEDIt’s that time of the year again: you’re almost to the halfway point, almost to the big holiday break. This time of year can be demanding: everyone’s looking forward to vacation, and it’s hard to stay focused on the classroom.

More than that, you’ve been working incredibly hard for and with your students. You’re so very ready for that break. There’s just one more week to go. So let’s talk a little self-care for educators.

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Data shows #vted leads nation in educators on Twitter

Vermont’s new leading role online

educators on twitterIn today’s podcast, Mark Olofson talks with Joshua Rosenberg and Spencer Greenhalgh, education researchers from Michigan State University. Their research focuses on the state-level twitter conversations among educators: who is doing it, and what they’re getting out of it.

And, spoiler alert, when they looked around the country, Vermont emerged as a pretty special place.

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How proficient are you with proficiency-based learning?

#vted weighs in again on twitter

proficiency-based learningIs your school implementing proficiency-based learning?

It’s an idea that’s taking hold all over, so some folks from Vermont’s education community wrestled with the opportunities and challenges presented by implementing proficiency-based learning.

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Social reading tools for summer reading

Audrey’s 2016 summer reading list

Tarrant Institute tool tutoriallsI’ve been thinking a lot lately about where technology fits into reading. Not just the e-book vs print book discussion (spoiler: both choices are valid for any individual) but also how tech tools and platforms can bring readers together to talk about books. And I’m doing that by reading a lot and trying things.

So my summer reading list comes with a tool kit.

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Summer: sun, sand and systems thinking

Announcing the 1st annual Tarrant Institute twitter read-along

#vted twitter chatSummer is a great time for camping, sunsets and creemees. A great time to relax.

It’s also a great time to sneak in some professional development — especially if you get to do it online and with your peers, while strengthening your professional learning network. Take time to turn off and tune out, or, read Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts and Systems. With us. On twitter!

Namaste, school warriors.

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What does innovation look like in Vermont education?

#vted twitter chat, 11/19/15

Two dozen Vermont educators sat down for an hour of their evening to toss around what innovation in Vermont can look like. Here’s what they came up with.

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#vted twitter chat recap: proficiency-based graduation requirements

Now with more school board selfies

#vted twitter chat

#vted twitter chat takes place every other Wednesday from 8-9pm EST, and is moderated by WWSU superintendent Ned Kirsch (@betavt), Jason Findley (@jfindley) and us, @innovativeEd.

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Making the most of twitter in your classroom

making the most of twitter in your classroomTwitter’s not just a great way to build your PLN as an educator, it’s also a powerful tool to connect students with the world around them in very unique ways. But how can you make those connections authentic learning experiences?

Let’s look at making the most of twitter in your classroom.

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Making the most of twitter as an educator

Part 1: Grow your PLN and get help from those who’ve been there

Making the most of twitter as an educatorTwitter is an invaluable resource for educators looking to share their successes and challenges in an asynchronous, on-demand way. It’s a low-stress entry into social media where you only have to post a little at a time to connect with educators both around the world and on the next block — sometimes as close as the next classroom away! Here’s some tips on making the most of twitter as an educator.

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3 fresh ways to flip your classroom

Flip the way you deliver content and engage students, but don’t stop there: flipping your space, your community and faculty meetings can be just as useful.

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