#vted twitter chat recap: proficiency-based graduation requirements

Now with more school board selfies

#vted twitter chat

#vted twitter chat takes place every other Wednesday from 8-9pm EST, and is moderated by WWSU superintendent Ned Kirsch (@betavt), Jason Findley (@jfindley) and us, @innovativeEd.

This past Wednesday, April 1st, we discussed proficiency-based graduation requirements. Come meet your fellow Vermont educators on twitter and catch up on where we are with implementing PBGRs. The next #vted twitter chat will take place Wednesday, April 15th.

The gentleman in the selfie, btw, is South Burlington High School principal Patrick Burke (@pburkevt), who was fortuitously appearing at and tweeting from the VT school board meeting to present on PBGRs.
Twitter chats are a great way to exchange ideas with other teachers. Most states have statewide twitter chats, but did you know that content areas, administration and various pedagogies have their own twitter chats too? Check out this EXHAUSTIVE list of twitter chats.

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