Who cares about copyright?

As you can see from the video below, users care, creators care, this class of 6th graders from Hunt Middle School cares, and they’ll tell you why you should care too. A big thank you to Kathy Hevey and her students for being willing to share their work.

We promise to cite you appropriately, every single time.

Kids Talk About Copyright

A great reminder about respecting copyright while remixing source materials in the classroom. This video was originally created in partnership with local public access station RETN.

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7 thoughts on “Who cares about copyright?

  1. Nice video. It is definitely something that needs to be talked about in this day in age. I think there is a lot of confusion out there with such easy access to other people’s work!

  2. If we don’t teach this student students then the idea of student analyzes becomes more difficult to teach, why bother developing your own ideas? This is hard enough to teach as it is because often student end up retelling what they have learned.

  3. Apparently I need to explain my comment…from my work with students they struggle with the process of copyright but understand why they need to do it. There is a fine line between copy right and summarizing someone’s work. I see a lot of student reuse other peoples work and actually think it is their own but it isn’t. They are analyzing what they have seen and created their own opinions, they restate what has been already said. When I teach copyright, siting someone’s work, video or words, etc., we spend a lot of time trying to identify the different. I find students struggle with this …make more sense?

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