Hour of Code at Essex Middle School

Students report enjoyment and challenges learning programming

Hour of Code at Essex Middle SchoolA huge congratulations to everyone — students, teachers and families — who participated in this year’s #HourofCode! The students from the Edge team at Essex Middle School were kind enough to share their reactions to trying coding, and a little bit about what they worked on.

Hour of Code at Essex Middle School


This is my second year doing the Hour of Code, and yet again, I have enjoyed it to the fullest! As an avid gamer, and a curious person, I’ve always wanted to know how the game works and what goes into it. And for the popular game Minecraft by Mojang, I’ve been interested in making a mod for a while. So, I was absolutely thrilled when the Hour of Code came along!

In school, I never really used laptops for much besides stuff like writing and other online things, but this brought me deep into the full power a few lines of code has! It’s simply amazing! –Anika


Hour of Code at Essex Middle School


Although painful, and full of struggling moments, Hour of Code was full of great insight on what the world will become in ten or so years. To think I’m practicing what the world would depend and thrive on in a few years is of great significance to me.

Even though you could simply be coding Angry Birds, Code Combat or even lighting up a christmas tree, that is the root of coding. That’s how you will start and open the door to success and a better future in coding.   –Ashel


Hour of Code at Essex Middle School


Check out the rest of Vermont’s #HourofCode activities over at Think About Code, where you can find a list of all the schools who participated and find out more about the types of programming activities they got up to.



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