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Science Saturday, with Tarrant Institute research fellow Mark OlofsonThe traditional winter recess gives us time to rest and reflect. If you’re like me, it also grants time to read some pieces or click through some sites I had previously bookmarked. Here’s a few to help keep you occupied:

First, some news at of Kansas, as that Lawsuit over NGSS has been dismissed.

For a topic of specific concern here in Vermont, consider The Challenge of Teaching Science in Rural America.

Bring one of the top movies of 2014 (even NDT liked it) with Interstellar in the Classroom.

Or perhaps Hip-hop and science education is more your speed.

These are both examples in the trend of Putting Art in STEM.

Here’s a good post on How Student Engagement Facilitates STEM Interest.

If you’re looking for a research article that brings out the importance of middle grades science teachers, you will want to file away Effective Science Instruction: Impact on High-Stakes Assessment Performance.

For a critical perspective, ponder: Is the U.S. Focusing Too Much on STEM?

And from the business perspective: Why the S in STEM Is Overrated (This one gets me – they ignore the methods of rational investigation that are built up through science education, and ignore that there is no “T” or “E” without the preliminary and supporting science…)

Finally, some awesome local news: Local High Schooler’s Robot Wins “Rookie of the Year”

I hope everyone has a relaxing and reflective break. See you all in the new year.

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