twitter etiquette

Modeling twitter interactions as an educator and parent

digital citizenship and twitter etiquetteWith twitter’s explosive growth in popularity with educators, it can get a little confusing as to what the new rules of social media look like. Hint: they’re a lot like the old rules. Kindness, empathy and listening rule the day.

Let’s look at how one educator and parent models twitter etiquette.

twitter is an online space populated by more than 300 million users. All of them are free to share their 140-character thoughts, follow each other and send each other messages. It’s an incredible space for teachers to interact with each other, and it’s still a popular social media platform for milennials. Which includes your students.

twitter etiquette

If you’re new to twitter, check out our twitter 101 for teachers guide.

But in general, the same rules of etiquette apply to twitter as they do to real life:

  • take the time to listen to the other person
  • ask for clarification and
  • try to resolve differences of opinion with kindness.

A twitter etiquette case study

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