Wishing you a relaxing & restorative winter break

Much happening this week in our worlds. And equally much to look forward to as we approach not only school vacation but also the shortest day of the year. A deficit of light, yes. Yet we celebrate the turning of the tide toward longer access to sun. We’re eagerly on our way toward the gift of more sunlight.

I encourage you to work with your colleagues and students to collectively to shine the light on all the ways you’ve learned together as a community. Learning exists in relation. Despite the hustle & bustle of this final push, we can and should pause to celebrate the learning environment you’ve mutually created.

And if you need inspiration to do so, find a way to carve out time for an ‘awe’ inspiring activity. Researchers found in a recent study that “awe may help stop us from ruminating on our problems and daily stressors. Instead, awe seems to pull us out of ourselves and make us feel immersed in our surroundings and the larger world (which may help explain its tendency to inspire generosity and a sense of connection with others).”

May you be inspired and stay connected for this last work week of 2019.

And until then, know that we see you, we appreciate you, and we want you to get some rest. *mwah*

(We also may want you to try putting reindeer antlers on your cat, but those of you with cats probably know how that usually works out. Whatever your self-care method, we salute you.)

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