4 ways students can control the pace of content delivery

Deliver the goods!

tech-rich social studiesRather than creating a unit on the Civil War, imagine working with an individual student or small group on a topic that fully engages them, but might be something you know little about. First we looked at how to find resources in multiple formats, to meet students’ different learning needs and preferences.

Now, how do we deliver those materials in a way that responds to students’ needs and also gives them some choice in how, when, and where they learn?
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Screencasting as PLP reflection

Students create screencasts for student-led conferences

screencasting as PLP reflectionSixth graders at The Dorset School in southern Vermont are in their second year of working with Personal Learning Plans (PLPs). These exuberant adolescents have fond memories of one experience. Last year, these students were paired with teacher Amanda Thomas. Mid-way through the year of working with her students on PLPs, Mrs. Thomas realized that their PLP work was falling flat; she had to do more to involve them.

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How to use Google Hangout for screencasting

Let this powerful tool save you time

how to use Google Hangout for screencastingThere are a plethora of screencasting tools available for Mac, PC and Chromebook, but one way to create a super-quick screencast when you want students to be able to see you in the picture, is to use Google Hangout for screencasting and take advantage of Google’s smooth workflow and easy-to-use screen-sharing option. Super useful for Google schools, and did we mention it’s free?

Step-by-step, here’s how to use Google Hangout for screencasting

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5 cool Yosemite tips for teachers

Getting the most out of Apple’s new OS in the classroom

5 cool Yosemite tips for teachersThe new Yosemite OS from Apple is out now and free to all desktop and laptop users running OS 10.6 or newer. But why upgrade? Will Yosemite provide educators with any useful new functionalities?


Right this way for 5 cool Yosemite tips for teachers.

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Interact with reading on the Chromebook

Chrome extensions for immersive online reading

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How to import videos from your device directly to Camtasia

Get videos off your device with this easy app

Attention screencasters! This could save you a ton of time. For all of you using Camtasia to produce your screencasts, there’s a new app that can import your videos from an iOS or Android device directly into Camtasia.

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