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Interact with reading on the Chromebook

Chrome extensions for immersive online reading

Playing with Chrome extensions and apps this morning that make reading on your Chromebook or in your Chrome browser easier and interactive. Which ones have I chosen?

  • Clearly clears away distractions in your browser, helping everyone with the attention span of a ferret stay focused; it grabs your text and sets it up as black text on a clean white background. No ads, no links. No frills, no distractions. But it also provides a tool for highlighting text portions and a way to save directly to your Evernote portfolio. Slick!
  • Save To Drive does what it says on the box, and lets you save online content directly to your Google Drive. Useful!
  • iSpeak converts written text to a melodious audio version. Accessible!

Here’s a quick screencast of what it looks like to read a web article with these three tools at hand. I recorded this on my Chromebook using TechSmith’s free SnagIt! screencasting tool.
Snagging a screencast on Chromebooks

These were easy to find and easy to install, and I can see lots of uses for them both in the classroom and out. Tools that take down barriers between the reader and a text are always welcome in this neck of the woods. And as Chrome is quickly growing in popularity as a choice for 1:1 schools, I’m definitely on the lookout for more ways to interact with reading on the Chromebook.

Which Chrome extensions do you like to read with? 


What do you think?

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