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#VTed twitter chat recap

What #VTed Did This Summer

If you weren’t hanging out on twitter last night from 8-9pm EST, you missed a great #VTed twitter chat. But don’t despair: the next one’s September 3rd, same bat-time, same bat-channel. (Mark your calendars!)

Meanwhile, here’s what you missed:

Twitter chats are a great, low-stress way to build your Personal Learning Network (PLN). You can meet other educators from your district, meet other educators in your content area and get and share classroom and curriculum ideas. You’ll be surprised at how many great friends you’ll make online this way. And best of all, you can do Twitter chats at home in your pj’s with a dog in your lap. Professional development doesn’t get any easier than that.


Audrey Homan

Audrey Homan is a Vermont-based digital media producer, and producer of The 21st Century Classroom podcast. She's worked in non-profit communications for more than a decade, and in her spare time writes tiny video games and mucks about with augmented reality and arduinos, ably assisted by five dogs.

Interviewing students and yelling in PHP are the best parts of her job.


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