Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs)

What’s a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)?

  • A creative tool for students to show who they are, what their goals are, and to document their learning journeys.
  • A digital portfolio developed by students in collaboration with parents, teachers, counselors and community partners.
  • Describes students strengths, identify, and interests.
  • Outlines students’ goals across many areas.
  • Highlights growth, in and out of school learning, and achievements.
  • Often feature multimedia representations and reflections of learning.
  • Personally meaningful, fulfilling, and creative to students.
  • Full of regular reflection and self-assessment on growth in transferable skills and proficiencies.

Why PLPs?

the three pillars of personalized learning


PLPs help us know students well, beyond what they show us during the school day. Knowing students well helps to build strong relationships which is linked to greater success in school. PLPs have the power to shift power to students and to promote that:

  • Students are seen. PLPs provide a window into student identities.
  • Students in the driver’s seat of their own learning. Students feel ownership of their learning and goals and this increases motivation and purpose.
  • Students create goals and next steps with support. PLPs offer a framework for goals and action.
  • Connects students with families and their communities. PLPs create a platform for engaging families in student led conferences and community parters.

What do PLPs look like in Vermont schools?

  • Don’t overschoolify it! While it is important to have some elements that are universal across PLPs, create a digital home with students that reflects them, is creative and personally meaningful.
  • Let students led a PLP leadership team to help promote, create, and lead PLP designing.
  • Set up a reflection and evidence gathering station with an ipad, reflection question, and bendable arm so that students can easily capture images, reflection and upload to their PLPs.