Summer reading reflection

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be sea monsters

summer reading reflectionIt’s summer and along with a lighter posting schedule for the month of July, I’m in need of some relaxing reading along with my reflection.

Also some removing of hex bug brains and replacing them with better brains, but that’s a different blogpost.

As all work and no play makes Jack take a job as a caretaker in a haunted hotel and hear voices tell him to pick up an axe, the Tarrant Institute does in fact endorse the taking of vacations. So without further ado:

What I’m Supposed to Read this Summer:

What I’m Actually Going to Read:

(And yet even with all these sea monsters, I am still planning on also going kayaking on the lake. At night. In the dark. Where no one can hear– okay, I’ll stop.)

And I’m sure I’ll be giving these masterpieces all five stars over on GoodReads, but I’ll also be thinking about what makes reading and talking about books so compelling to me. More and more I’m impressed by how much reading has moved into the multimedia sphere, in ways that the promotional book video trailers of the early 2010s couldn’t have imagined.

Take, for instance, this tiny 2-minute podcast episode, tackling Donna Tartt’s The Secret History:

If I hadn’t already enjoyed the book, I definitely would pick it up after listening to that snippet.

I’m also going to be working on my video-making skills this summer, so figuring out what makes a great book trailer is definitely part of that.

Time to step my game up.

Be safe this summer, kittens, and don’t go near the water until a full hour after eating or the last sharkcano eruption. And let me know what y’all are reading down below in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for a good book or six.

Audrey Homan

Audrey Homan is a Vermont-based digital media producer, and producer of The 21st Century Classroom podcast. She's worked in non-profit communications for more than a decade, and in her spare time writes tiny video games and mucks about with augmented reality and arduinos, ably assisted by five dogs. Interviewing students and yelling in PHP are the best parts of her job.

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