W is for Weekly Geek Podcast

Creative ways to share learning opportunities

creative ways to share learning opportunitiesTeachers at Lamoille Union Middle/High School learn about the latest tools and resources available to them in a unique and engaging way.  Marc Gilbertson, the Integration Specialist and Meagan Towle, the librarian, carve out 20 minutes in their busy schedules to get together and crank out a short video podcast series called the Weekly Geek to share available resources.

Check out this week’s entry demonstrating three tools to encourage visual and audio engagement in learning.

How they do it

Teachers receive an email notification about the podcast which includes the video link along with a quick summary of what is showcased for those folks who don’t have time to watch the video but might want a quick look at the resources:

The Greenscreen room is up and running with new improved lighting and all sorts of great stuff.  If your group would like to use it, just check with the library staff.  Gilb can assign students the Doink Greenscreen app as well.   Just let him know the grade and names of the students who need it a little a head of time.   Make sure you check out the banned book week display as well.

And come play with the library GoPro Hero 4— a great way to spice up any lessons and capture any motion. Going on a hike, need underwater footage or you just want to have some fun, this little camera is amazing. We can give you a quick tutorial and help with the editing although it doesn’ need much.

App- Voice Record Pro-  is a great app for quick simple audio recording. Caresse Whyte was caught using it with her language students.   If your students are struggling to get ideas on paper or just need a different way to express themselves this might be a great tool.

Want to try a Twitter chat– try #games4ed on Thursdays at 8:00— cool teachers like Lori Lisai, Patrick Laclair, and Whitney Kaulbach do it– you can too.

What a resource for teachers and students.  The energy, humor, and modeling strike me as the perfect vehicle to encourage teachers to explore, to imagine the power of including video and audio resources in the teaching and learning environment, and to have fun while doing so.

Take a minute to see some of these tools in action, in the hands of students

Here is an example of Harwood Union Middle School students using the Voice Record Pro app to create a Public Service Announcement about Vermont’s Act 178 The Universal Recycling and Compost Law:

And, here is an example of 6th graders at Edmunds Middle School who found a way to do some digital global storytelling with a green screen and their iPads.

How do you learn about new opportunities available to you and your students?


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