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Global storytelling with a green screen and iPads

Send your students around the world to tell their stories

global storytelling with a green screenThese 6th graders found a way to do some digital global storytelling with a green screen and their iPads.

They also managed to bust Tellagami’s animated personas out of the tablet, sending them around the world with a little green-screen magic.

At Edmunds Middle School, two classes of 6th graders embarked on a new form of storytelling: Tellagami-smash! With a fleet of iPads at their disposal, along with the free green-screen app Veescope, students transported themselves or characters made with the Tellagami app to locations around the world.


global storytelling with a green screen and iPads

According to educators Laura Botte and Katie Wyndorf:

The scholars have created a series of movies and books that demonstrate their learning. Each scholars was given a latitude and longitude somewhere in the world and ‘dropped’ there. They needed to research the cultural elements of the place and learn about it’s geography and landforms.

The hope was they would make a connection between the geography and the culture of the place they visited. They then had to create a character and provide their audience with a story that encompassed all of the information they had researched and synthesized.

Check it out:

App-smash Tellagami with a green screen

Students had the choice of whether to create a Tellagami animated character, or whether to appear as themselves in their videos.

Some students also made iBooks with the Book Creator iOS app which you can download to your iOS device here.

Botte noted that it was remarkable how engaged and excited the students were by this project, including students who were normally less motivated by storytelling and writing exercises. Check out the full set of student videos at the two classes’ Google site.

This one in particular is out of this world:

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  1. With Apple’s Photo Booth, you don’t even need a green screen. What ever is in the background becomes invisible when you overlay a picture or video.

  2. what are people using (free only) for putting a “live” student in a green screen environment with ONLY an ipad? Veescope has a terrible logo superimposed over the video in the free version. I know the Mac version of iMovie and Photobooth have options, but what if you are iPad only?

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