Katy Farber, Professional Development Coordinator

Katy FarberFarber joined the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education after 17 years as a classroom teacher in central Vermont. She has written three books about education, Why Great Teachers Quit and how we might stop the exodus (Corwin Press, 2010); Change the World with Service Learning (Rowman Littlefield) and its new edition, Real and Relevant: a guide to service and project-based learning. She co-authored Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades: a guide for educators and school leaders with John Downes and Penny Bishop (Harvard Educational Press, 2019). Her education articles have been published on CNN’s School of Thought blog, Educational Leadership, Edutopia, AMLE magazine and various academic journals and publications.

She is passionate about promoting student and teacher voice, engaging early adolescent students, sharing the power of project-based and service learning, and creating inclusive communities where joy, courageous conversations and kindness are the norm.

She lives in central Vermont with her husband and two daughters.

 Recent blogposts: