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What I Learned From My PLP

Modeling a PLP as an adult learner

Life Legeros, Tarrant Institute for Innovative EducationAs a new year dawns, are you thinking about self improvement? A Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a great way to plan and document your professional growth, provide a framework for reflection, and gain a better understanding of how to make PLPs most useful for your students.

I shared what I have gleaned from my own PLP experience in a Vermont Fest 2015 presentation: “Walking the Walk: Educator PLPs for Professional Growth“.

I talk through the gist of it in the screencast below.

Modeling PLPs schoolwide

But it’s not just me modeling how having a PLP can benefit adults in professional development, as well as students. Check out this video from Fayston Elementary School, in Waitsfield, Vermont. At this school, adults — educators and administrators both — are constructing PLPs along with the students this year:

Do you have a PLP? Are you considering modeling it for your students?



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