Collaborative digital tools for faculty meetings

Go beyond back-channeling and unlock creative communication

collaborative digital tools for faculty meetingsThis summer, look for ways to liven up your faculty meetings and delve a little deeper with technology. Try something new or take a new look at a tool you’re already using. Here are 3 ways of using collaborative digital tools for faculty meetings.

1. Padlet

We recently did an in-service with some college faculty to provide a more in-depth look at working with iPads. And to get started, we looked at Padlet. The prompt the faculty were given was simply: “goals for today”. And without further ado, they managed this:

The faculty had lots of fun discovering on their own how Padlet stickies can house more than just text. We discussed what affordances Padlet provided over the analog version of newsprint and stickies. All discovered through play that the stickies allowed links to other resources, pinning of entire documents and access to camera/photos. All agreed as well that they loved how links to resources could be shared and revisited once all left the room.

2. Video commenting

We’ve already talked about flipping your faculty meetings and some of the amazing suggestions that came up in an #edchat twitter chat on the topic, but let’s look at taking those further.

Combine @wkingbg‘s suggestion for sharing the organizing info about a meeting via a video and share it via Movenote. With Movenote’s option to let people reply with their own videos, you’re building community among faculty as well as creating indelible video spaces that team members can build on in their own responses. You can also use video commenting to pose and answer questions beforehand, freeing up meeting time for hands-on work.

3. The digital collaboration tool your students like best

Which is… you tell us! 😀 Invite your students to provide feedback on the digital tool or tools they most enjoy for doing collaborative work and give it a try — or better yet, ask your students to provide a demo or some training for faculty on it. Open the door! Invite students in!

What collaborative digital tools for faculty meetings do you use? Let us know in the comments! We’re always looking for new great tech tools!

Susan Hennessey

Susan Hennessey is a reformed librarian and current professional development coordinator with a particular interest in digital credentials and scavenger hunts. She's addicted to flavored almonds, salty, crunchy snacks, and Google Hangouts.

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