Phys ed 2.0: More learning, less suffering

Personalizing PE

peer PLP collaborationIn this era of personalized learning, it’s not just the jocks that find P.E. enjoyable.

At Crossett Brook Middle School and Shelburne Community School, students employ cool technology, develop creative projects, and pursue personal interests and goals while developing autonomy, healthy habits, and deep understandings.

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Thursday Links Round Up: Physical Education edition

 Using technology in physical education to promote a healthy lifestyle

Using technology in physical education to promote a healthy lifestyleWelcome! As a former collegiate coach, I know first-hand how invaluable technology can be in fostering athletic growth, while also aiding educators’ decision-making around student-athlete welfare and success. Within the educational setting, there are many creative ways of implementing technology innovation without sacrificing the main goal of keeping students amovin’ and a-groovin’.

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