What We’re Reading: 1:1 edition

What We’re Reading

Gear up for your upcoming or ongoing 1:1 device programs this summer with these thought-provoking reads

5 Epiphanies on Learning in a 1:1 Classroom

To provide some structure for my journey, I joined a cross-curricular group of my colleagues who were focusing on action research in their classrooms. Questions permeate good action research — mine was: “What does learning look like in a fully-committed 1:1 iPad high school classroom?” I gathered data from my three freshman English classes throughout the year while we engaged in a rich, ongoing cycle of experimentation, feedback, and discussion.

A great look at a 1:1 environment that focuses on centering students as partners in action research. Bookmark that sucker!

 Why do we question 1:1 effectiveness?

And as the cost of these devices drop, Internet access becomes more widespread, applications become more powerful and less complicated to use, the remarkability of personal technologies in the classroom will decrease – and we can get back to measuring the efficacy of pedagogy rather than silicon.

It’s rare to find a concise, sensible answer to a thorny question, but Doug Johnson nails it with this one. Also check out that infographic from TeachThought. Fierce!

7 big mistakes K-12 education needs to avoid in 1:1 computing plans

…I have zero patience for administrators that fail to see the importance of professional development when new tech is welcomed. My feelings have been hardened by first hand experience working in education and seeing how hopeless new tech initiatives were when the assumption that “if you provide it, they will learn.”

Just laying claim to the fact that technology was purchased and dropped into classrooms doesn’t make up for the negated fact that it will be next to useless without the correct training.

There’s a lot going on in this article — arguments about the necessity of learning touch-computing and moving away from the device, for instance, that will give educators and administrators both a lot to chew on in terms of how to structure or restructure a 1:1 program. I don’t necessarily agree with all the author’s points, but every single one of them is a great discussion topic for 1:1 schools.

What We’re Watching

I’m not gonna lie: I’m feeling a little summery this morning, and this song has been stuck in my head for three days. Enjoy the soulful stylings of… Ms Chaka Khan.

Even the most devoted ed-tech bloggers need to get their groove on now and then. Stretch those arms out wide and twirl with me, kittens. Get up out of your seats and just spin.

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