Recap: 1:1 in Vermont Schools

Vermont schools off and running with “Hour of Code”

Over on Storify, we’re covering the amazing kick-off for the Hour of Code statewide. More than 113 Vermont schools are participating in the national initiative to provide students with at least one hour of computer coding instruction the week of Dec 9-15th.


Check it out!

And for everyone looking for a way to continue on with their newfound skills, don’t forget to sign up for the 2014 Code Camp mailing list.

Middle grades students building a 3-D printer

Students at one of our partner schools, Manchester Elementary/Middle School have recently embarked on building a 3-D printer. Yep, you read that right: a 3-dimensional printer. The parts are laser cut out of wood and teach the kids about programming and design. First item off the press? A sloth coin.

Instructor Seth Bonnett explains:

Six questions with Keith Nemlich

Keith Nemlich

Keith Nemlich, educator at Manchester Elementary/Middle School, sat down with us and answered six questions about the state of edtech.

“I’d like to be obsolete. Seriously. When my school no longer needs me and our students are independently accessing technology in appropriate and meaningful ways, then I’ll know that I have been successful. What would accelerate this process?” Continue reading