Why is everyone doin’ it for the Vine?


Vine is a tool where users can craft looping six-second videos for sharing globally, and other users can up-vote them, follow favored Vine-creators (some of whom have one million+ followers) and comment. It’s available for the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, and despite the nominal age-17 requirement for the platform, it’s more than likely that students in your class are more than likely Vining.

And what they’re making are awesome. Here’s why:

1. Authentic student voice

Want to know what students really think about school? Get on Vine and follow the #school hashtag.






They aren’t Vining for a grade or for any school project. This is what students really think about school. It’s not always pretty, and it’s definitely not always complimentary towards the schools in question, but what it is is startlingly honest.

And 2., this is a really fascinating digital storytelling medium.



Think about all the skills that come into play in figuring out how to tell a story in six seconds.



But it’s not just students who are using Vine.

At Orchard School in South Burlington, librarian/rock-star Donna McDonald is using Vine with her students to create a series of six-second book reviews to share for the #MockCaldecott awards. First of all, they’re epic, and second, they’re each only six seconds long, so you can easily justify watching every last one. Such as this one:


And this:


(Seriously, just go follow @OrchardVT on twitter. They share fantastic work and those #MockCaldecott Vines are this close >< to becoming their own meme.)

All of which brings up two questions: Do you Vine? And do you know what your students are Vining?


What do you think?