Courtney Elliot & Corey Smith

…grades 3 and 4 at Proctor Elementary School positively impact student engagement and achievement?” Learning Lab reflections: Courtney’s Bright Spots & Belly Flops Corey’s Bright Spots & Belly Flops  …

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What is Learning Lab?

…roles. Connected and contributing to the systemic capacity building underway across all our schools and the state of Vermont. All of our learners make Bright Spots & Belly Flops blogposts…

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Tom Drake

Tom Drake Tom Drake is the principal of Crossett Brook Middle School, in Duxbury VT.     Learning Lab Reflections: Bright Spots and Belly Flops…

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Lessons Learned from Learning Lab VT

…3 and 4 at Proctor Elementary School positively impact student engagement and achievement? Presentation Slides Bright Spots & Belly Flops PlatyPodcast Episode 1: What isn’t working in the classroom and…

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#vted Reads: Troublemakers with Mike Martin

…white. But she also stands out because she’s bright and bubbly and loud and she doesn’t conform to gender norms. So it’s painful for her. School is painful for her….

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk with South Burlington curriculum coordinator Mike Martin,about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we're really doing when we ask our students to code-switch, Black Lives Matter, and the trouble with classroom norms, and we pose the question: 'How do school systems bestow unearned privilege on some, and un-earned hardship, on others?' Oh, and we talk about Harry Potter. Naturally. Read more

#vted Reads: Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades, with Penny Bishop

…this moment in the vignette where the principal thinks, well, I know the teacher’s in here somewhere. And then he finally spots the teacher sitting on the floor in the…

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