#vted Reads: Dreadful Young Ladies, with Sarah Birgé

Listeners: how do you talk to your students about the special love that exists between a woman and a Sasquatch?

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#vted Reads: Place-Based Curriculum Design

This episode is all. About. QUESTIONS. Why are we here? Who was here before us? What kinds of stories do

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#vted Reads: The Benefits of Being an Octopus

This one goes deep, folks. On this episode educator Corey Smith joins me to talk about The Benefits of Being

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#vted Reads: Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty

With Ally Oswald In this episode of #vted Reads, I return to my old stomping grounds at Green Mountain Union

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#vted Reads: No Fixed Address with Annie Brabazon

Reader, today we’re going to talk toilets. Now, not in a weird way or a gross way, but because they’re

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#vted Reads: We Got This, with Kathleen Brinegar

Cornelius Minor likes to ask himself three key questions. One: what are his students trying to tell him? Two: What

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#vted Reads: Hey, Kiddo with Mike Hill

Welcome back to #vted Reads! In this episode, we’re talking about the comic memoir Hey, Kiddo. As we discuss Jarrett

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#vted Reads: Protocols in the Classroom, with Terra Lynch

Welcome back to #vted Reads! Now, I recorded this episode back in September out in San Antonio, at the School

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#vted Reads: The 57 Bus with Caitlin Classen

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk about the 57 Bus by Dashka Slater. Based on a real-life incident,

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#vted Reads: Troublemakers with Mike Martin

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we’re

In this episode of #vted Reads, we talk with South Burlington curriculum coordinator Mike Martin,about Troublemakers, a book by Carla Shalaby. We touch on what we're really doing when we ask our students to code-switch, Black Lives Matter, and the trouble with classroom norms, and we pose the question: 'How do school systems bestow unearned privilege on some, and un-earned hardship, on others?' Oh, and we talk about Harry Potter. Naturally. Read more